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Latest topics
» The Segregated Negroes Only Watermelon Thread
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 10:47 pm by CovOps

» Via Anarcho-Capitalists' Forum: Georgia Libertarian Party Wins Appeal Over Lack of Ballot Access
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 10:32 pm by CovOps

» Black Lives Splatter: George Floyd had ‘violent criminal history’: Minneapolis police union chief
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:59 pm by RR Phantom

» 'It does happen here': Calls to address poLice brutality in OZschwitz
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:54 pm by RR Phantom

» Despicable Google pulls ‘Remove China Apps’ from Play Store
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:54 pm by CovOps

» Get lifetime access to an MBA program from an award-winning professor @ only $399, lol
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:22 pm by CovOps

» Fuck The Useless & Oppressive Statist Licensing Racket For Serfs PART 4
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:18 pm by CovOps

» Now that they've seen the light: Philippines says it won't end US military access agreement amid South China Sea tensions
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:17 pm by CovOps

» Good, fuck 'em: US to block Chinese airlines from flying into the US
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:14 pm by CovOps

» Take that, you commie bastards: Three million Hong Kong residents 'eligible' for UK citizenship
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:07 pm by CovOps

» The Pigs Don’t Change
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:03 pm by CovOps

» From former presidents to religious leaders, every idiot is turning on Trump
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 8:59 pm by CovOps

» Awww, all 4 officers charged in George Floyd’s death, awww...
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 8:54 pm by CovOps

» The Media Are Lying To You About Everything, Including The Riots
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 6:57 pm by RR Phantom

» Anarcho-Capitalist NEWS: The Liberland Design Competition 2020
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:38 am by CovOps

» Feds file appeal to keep ‘bomb throwing’ NYC lawyers behind bars
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:30 am by CovOps

» 2ANYS Calls for Suspension of Pistols Permit / SAFE Act Enforcement
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:26 am by CovOps

»  Never Initiate Violence
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 9:16 am by CovOps

» Officer Down Celebrations - Deaths & Injuries
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 8:41 am by CovOps

» Putin’s Statist Criminals: How the KGB Took Back Russia and Then Turned on the West
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 8:17 am by CovOps

» The Court Decision That Shook the European Union
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 7:40 am by CovOps

» Semitic-impositionists: Yahweh's Self-Chosen Schmucks
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 7:10 am by CovOps

» Meet the pigs who scared de Blasio away from poLICE reform
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 6:48 am by CovOps

» Anarcho-Capitalist NEWS: Private Cities Are a Needed Experiment
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 6:44 am by CovOps

»  Antifa and YPG/PKK share same ideological ground for terrorism
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 6:05 am by CovOps

» Krist Novoselic, ex-Nirvana bassist, praises Donald Trump’s ‘strong’ leadership after fiery speech
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 5:47 am by CovOps

» Cool: Some senators want to stop police from getting military-grade equipment or weapons
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 5:32 am by CovOps

» Yes, antifa = terrorism
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 5:27 am by CovOps

» John McAfee: The riots are “externally motivated” and are going to “escalate into something close to a revolution”
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 5:06 am by CovOps

» Disingenuous tech-rights group sues Trump to stop social-media order
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 4:46 am by CovOps

» BLM à la russe Russian libertarians want a localized movement against police brutality and now they’ve got a hashtag all their own
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 4:25 am by CovOps

» Freedom is the most special of 'special interests'
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 2:16 am by CovOps

» That spy agency, Google, faces $5 billion lawsuit in U.S. for tracking 'private' internet use
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 2:13 am by CovOps

» How The 'Lost Art' Of Breathing Can Impact Sleep And Resilience
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 2:06 am by CovOps

ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 1:26 am by CovOps

» The Insidious British 'Royal' Family Propaganda For Serfs
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 1:00 am by CovOps

» From The Ossified & Putrid Degenerate Troglodyte Right
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 12:20 am by CovOps

» Identical twins compared a vegan diet with meat-eating and found the vegan diet led to fat loss and more energy
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeToday at 12:02 am by RR Phantom

» Funny: Mike Tyson to Trump: “are you fucking my wife?”
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 11:59 pm by CovOps

» Feminazis, Bimbo-Sapiens, Parasites, Puritanical & Stingy Flaps Spreaders, MRM-Haters, Assorted Discharge-Dripping Female Cum-Dumpsters PART 4
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 11:49 pm by CovOps

» Don't Send U.S. Military To Protests, Complicit Hill Democrats Warn Trump
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 10:42 pm by CovOps

» UK could offer 'path to citizenship' for Hong Kong's British passport holders
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 10:38 pm by CovOps

» Coronavirus May Be a Blood Vessel Disease, Which Explains Everything
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 10:33 pm by CovOps

» State of Minnesota files civil rights charge against Minneapolis Police Department
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 10:28 pm by CovOps

» Fact Check: Did a US city deploy child soldiers to quell protests over George Floyd's death?
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 10:24 pm by CovOps

» Imbecilic de Blasio pleads for community help as Cuomo chides NYPD response to protests
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 10:22 pm by CovOps

» Idiots in Government: Arrested Looters in NYC Are Immediately Released Because of Bail-Reform Law
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 10:20 pm by CovOps

» OZschwitz national shame: 400 deaths, zero convictions
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 9:57 pm by RR Phantom

» Farage wants tougher stance on China
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 9:56 pm by RR Phantom

» Supposedly, Trump can bring peace to the West Bank
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 9:55 pm by RR Phantom

» More evidence smokers are at less risk of Covid-19: Scientists discover adults who are hooked on cigarettes are 50% less likely to test positive for the illness
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 8:27 pm by CovOps

» NZ: Three poLICE officers charged with manslaughter after gross negligence led to man's death in cell
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 8:23 pm by CovOps

» Two-metre social distancing rule based on outdated science that may have largely overestimated coronavirus risk
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 6:12 pm by RR Phantom

» National Review: The Suicide of the Cities
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 6:10 pm by RR Phantom

» Big-city mayors don't want to end the chaos
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 11:03 am by CovOps

» See new Tweets #AntifaDomesticTerrorists
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 10:24 am by CovOps

» The Pathetic Supreme Court Turns Down Free Speech Challenge to Mandatory Bar Dues, Membership
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 9:02 am by CovOps

» More Than 50 Secret Service Hurt In Molotov Cocktail Attacks
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 8:32 am by CovOps

» Superb: U.S. Rep. Justin Amash introduced legislation to end qualified immunity for law enforcement officers
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 8:16 am by CovOps

» Anarcho-Capitalist NEWS: How the libertarian right plans to profit from the pandemic
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 7:35 am by CovOps

» The Fed Obsessed Imply 'You Didn't Build That'
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 6:59 am by CovOps

» Violent protests shine spotlight on extremists, from antifa to 'Boogaloo'
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 6:46 am by CovOps

» How Innovation Works
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 6:35 am by CovOps

» Police rioted this weekend, justifying the point of the protests
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 6:12 am by CovOps

» Excellent: Trump executive order targets regulations waived during pandemic for potential permanent repeal
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 6:04 am by CovOps

» Libertarian Party Assembly District 7 Candidate James Just Addresses Police Abuse
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 5:50 am by CovOps

» Justin Amash’s presidential bid shows that some Republicans’ future may be with the Libertarian Party.
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 5:42 am by CovOps

» SARS-CoV-2 looks like a hybrid of viruses from two different species
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 5:15 am by CovOps

» America’s Return To Space Proves The Success Of Privatization
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 4:46 am by CovOps

» Tiananmen: poLICE ban Hong Kong vigil for victims of 1989 crackdown
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 4:24 am by CovOps

» Protesters tear down Alabama Confederate statue, complicit Birmingham mayor vows to 'finish the job' with others
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 4:15 am by CovOps

» Idiots in Science: Eye-catching advances in some AI fields are not real
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 3:47 am by CovOps

»  Minneapolis public school board to vote on terminating its contract with police
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeYesterday at 2:59 am by CovOps

» OZschwitz billing ban from paramedics as parasitic public servants fight wage freeze
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2020 10:02 pm by RR Phantom

» George Floyd Riots Are Just Like The Preplanned Baltimore Riots
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2020 9:10 pm by CovOps

» You Are Burning Down All Of The Wrong Buildings
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2020 8:25 pm by CovOps

» Protestors vs looters
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2020 6:43 pm by RR Phantom

» Black Lives Matter declines olive branch from Blue Lives, citing reprehensible offenses
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2020 1:29 am by CovOps

» About time: Seven former foreign secretaries urge UK to take lead on Hong Kong
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2020 12:23 am by CovOps

» Leftist protesters in some cities target Confederate monuments
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2020 12:21 am by CovOps

» It’s Not Whether You Were Exposed to the Virus. It’s How Much.
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2020 12:12 am by CovOps

» Early findings show fabric can neutralize coronaviruses
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2020 12:04 am by CovOps

» Statist Insanity Continues: Trump briefly taken to underground bunker during Friday's White House protests
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 11:55 pm by CovOps

» Do Vaccinations Violate Human Rights Under The Nuremberg Code?
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 11:12 pm by CovOps

» Antifa has hijacked protests of George Floyd’s death and turned them into riots
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 11:07 pm by CovOps

» OZschwitz media companies lose appeal over Facebook defamation ruling
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 10:02 pm by RR Phantom

» This is a Result of Democrat Governance
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 10:02 pm by CovOps

» Arrogant China, Iran Taunt the U.S. Over Riots; Latest Tweet from Chinese Foreign Ministry Says ‘I Can’t Breathe’
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 9:59 pm by CovOps

» EXCELLENT: Trump to Declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 9:49 pm by CovOps

» Despicable Joy Reid: AG ‘pins’ riots on left-leaning groups when it’s ‘already documented as coming from white nationalist groups’
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 9:40 pm by CovOps

» Fed up Minneapolis Woman Gives Interview That Every Riot Apologist in the Mainstream Media Should Watch
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 9:37 pm by CovOps

»  Philippines Slave Pen: Fears of losing freedoms escalate as Congress rushes to pass anti-terror bill
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 9:34 pm by CovOps

» Why Jews Don't Believe In Jesus
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 9:32 pm by CovOps

» Ugh: Coronavirus: British army called in to help quash online conspiracy theories
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 9:29 pm by CovOps

» Orwell and the return of the state
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 9:26 pm by CovOps

» Supposedly. Crypto and Fiat Currencies Are Worlds Apart, Here Are the Reasons Why
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 9:23 pm by CovOps

» Nonsense: Average Workers Can’t Bear Any More Risk
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 9:17 pm by CovOps

» Lol, "assaults on officers' as thousands of BLM activists marched on US embassy in London
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 8:53 pm by RR Phantom

» Our Awful Criminal Justice System
ANCAPS - Portal Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2020 7:39 am by CovOps


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