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 Quinn: The Wall Was Too High, As You Can See

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Quinn: The Wall Was Too High, As You Can See Vide
PostSubject: Quinn: The Wall Was Too High, As You Can See   Quinn: The Wall Was Too High, As You Can See Icon_minitimeSun Apr 23, 2023 5:14 pm

As I have witnessed and lived through the last three dystopian years of mass hysteria, mass delusion, and mass mental illness, I find myself drawn to the same thinkers, social commentators, and musical artists over and over. The wisdom, wit, and clarity of Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, and Roger Waters in describing a world gone mad makes me feel less alone in my observations about humanity, politicians, governments, bankers, billionaire funded NGOs, war mongering psychopaths, and entities intent on shredding the social fabric of this country and the world.

Quinn: The Wall Was Too High, As You Can See QS_2367

Their writings and lyrics perfectly capture the insanity, glorification of abnormality, psychological manipulation and torture of the masses, man’s inhumanity to man, and how powerful wealthy psychopaths use their wealth and power to control governments, the media, academia, corporations, the military, scientists, doctors, and religious institutions. The dystopian visions in Huxley and Orwell’s novels, and Waters’ lyrics have been far exceeded by the reality of what has transpired and continues to take place every day.

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Huxley’s quote about mental illness and our profoundly abnormal society has always struck a chord with me and helped me realize, as an outcast who doesn’t believe what is spoon fed to us by the mass media propaganda outlets on behalf of their wealthy benefactors, I’m not the abnormal one. My refusal to adapt or adjust to a deviant society inhabited and controlled by the mental ill, while worshipping at the altar of abnormalcy, is a sign of my sanity in a sea of absurdity. I have to admit it is lonely always being on the opposite side of the approved narrative, believed by the masses. It would be so much easier to just go along with the crowd, but it is not how I’m wired. I question everything.

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I never believe anything spewing out of a politician’s mouth. I believe all governments are evil and controlled by a wealthy powerful elite, who hide behind the mask of the Deep State to manipulate society to benefit themselves and their feckless cronies. I have this rare ability to think critically, rather than believe what I’m told by “experts”, think tanks, media talking heads, and “scientific studies” produced by easily bribed hack “experts”. I channel my inner George Carlin regarding everything I am told by the government or the propaganda media outlets.

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Those pulling the strings and manipulating the minds of the masses as a means to control society and dictate what we are supposed to believe, who to hate, and who to venerate, are the true dictators of this dystopian nightmare engulfing the world. It is they who have purposely created this abnormal world where deviancy, degeneracy and depravity are applauded and promoted, while decency, traditional family values, community standards, and self-responsibility are scorned, ridiculed, and spat upon.

The masses are still oblivious to the machinations of their shadowy overlords, believing they are free because they are distracted and amused by their hand-held super-computer phones, have ready access to copious quantities of manufactured food-stuffs, can watch non-stop sports and entertainment via their dozens of boob tube subscription services, can self-medicate with Big Pharma pushed drugs to address any physical or psychological malady they are told they have, and are instructed by the State who to hate, who to glorify, who to obey, and who to believe. They have perfectly adjusted to a profoundly abnormal society, believing they are normal, when they are nothing more than mindless cogs in a machine run by totalitarian sociopaths. They have fulfilled Huxley’s prophecy by loving their servitude.


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Quinn: The Wall Was Too High, As You Can See

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