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 Excellent: Musk doubles down on press attacks

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Excellent: Musk doubles down on press attacks Vide
PostSubject: Excellent: Musk doubles down on press attacks   Excellent: Musk doubles down on press attacks Icon_minitimeFri Nov 11, 2022 12:50 am

Elon Musk continued attacking the press on Twitter, his newly acquired social-media platform.


As I wrote in Sunday’s column, this is strategic, as he’s trying to position Twitter as a trustworthy alternative to legacy news media.

This should prompt news organizations to reassess their unhealthy relationship with what’s become a pugnacious competitor — especially since he’s aiming to take subscription dollars that might otherwise support local and national newspapers.

In doing so, Musk is aligning with politicians and pundits who profit from sowing distrust in professionally reported news. This trickles down from The New York Times to local outlets that now depend on subscriptions to survive.

For the 73% of Americans who don’t bother with Twitter, here’s a sample of Musk tweets on Nov. 6 that highlight this new front in the journalism crisis.

“Twitter needs to become by far the most accurate source of information about the world. That’s our mission,” Musk tweeted on Nov. 6.

When this was questioned by Kyle Grantham, a former news photographer now working as a digital media manager for a county in Delaware, Musk fired back with an attack on journalists.

“You represent the problem: journalists who think they are the only source of legitimate information. That’s the big lie,” Musk said in response.

Grantham drew the wrath of the world’s richest man by noting the fallacy of making Twitter “the most accurate source” by letting anyone who “gives me money appear to be a legitimate source of news, rather than just ensuring all legitimate sources of news are confirmed to be who they say they are.”

The oracle continued.

“Widespread verification will democratize journalism & empower the voice of the people,” Musk tweeted.


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Excellent: Musk doubles down on press attacks

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