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 Corrupt FBI and Corporate Media Gear Up Lies for Midterm Election

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Corrupt FBI and Corporate Media Gear Up Lies for Midterm Election Vide
PostSubject: Corrupt FBI and Corporate Media Gear Up Lies for Midterm Election   Corrupt FBI and Corporate Media Gear Up Lies for Midterm Election Icon_minitimeSat Oct 08, 2022 8:27 pm

Misinformation and outright lies are at the base of elections in the United States. Following the FBI-staged post-election “insurrection” at the Capitol, it has become tantamount to an act of treason to discuss the possibility the election was in some way rigged or stolen.

Corrupt FBI and Corporate Media Gear Up Lies for Midterm Election ?

Politics, circa 2022, is a chaotic three-ring circus with lies, card tricks, and drama taking center stage. For instance, in August of 2021, the FBI concluded that neither Trump nor his supporters organized an attempt to overturn the election result.

Naturally, it didn’t get a lot of play.

In a court filing in April, the attorney representing nearly a dozen members of the Oath Keepers discovered evidence of government infiltration and possible agent provocateur behavior during the protest.

Just the News reported,

   "At least 20 FBI and ATF assets were embedded around the Capitol on J6," a footnote in the motion reads. The motion also states that attorneys "combed through a mountain of discovery" including summaries of interviews conducted by FBI agents and that members of the Oath Keepers, a far-right group, were "being monitored and recorded prior to J6."

The attorney, David Fischer, wrote in the brief “that despite carefully inspecting a significant amount of evidence during discovery, he has not found ‘one iota of proof’ that the defendants pre-planned or had any ‘intention, design, or scheme to specifically enter the Capitol Building on J6.’”

The FBI, America’s political police apparatus, doesn’t take kindly to narrative-busting information leaking out of the agency. For instance, veteran agent Steve Friend was suspended last month, stripped of his gun and badge, and escorted out of the FBI field office in Daytona Beach, Florida, for exposing a number of FBI dirty tricks in relation to the fake narrative that American “democracy” is threatened by right-wing extremists.

Friend alleges the “Washington, DC, field office is ‘manipulating’ FBI case management protocol and farming out J6 cases to field offices across the country to create the false impression that right-wing domestic violence is a widespread national problem that goes far beyond the ‘black swan’ event of Jan. 6, 2021.”

The suspended agent also claims “FBI domestic terrorism cases are being opened on innocent American citizens who were nowhere near the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, based on anonymous tips to an FBI hotline or from Facebook spying on their messages. These tips are turned into investigative tools called ‘guardians,’ after the FBI software that collates them.”

No doubt, however, the allegations only scratch the surface. It has been known for decades the FBI, most notably under the illegal COINTELPRPO, provoked violence during demonstrations, entrapped nonviolent activists, engineered the destruction of careers, and even stand accused of political assassination (of Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, and Malcolm X, among others of less repute). It spied on and closely followed the entirely constitutional activity of thousands of Americans. For instance, the FBI collected a 1,884-page file detailing the activities of the author and activist James Baldwin. As a comparison, consider that one of the longest works of literary fiction, “War and Peace,” by Leo Tolstoy, is just over a thousand pages.

The FBI’s favorite tactic, beyond destroying political organizations from the inside out, is inventing terror groups out of whole cloth and then entrapping victims, many of them mentally ill.

“In all these law enforcement schemes the alleged terrorists masterminds end up seeming, when the full story comes out, unable to terrorize their way out of a paper bag without law enforcement tutelage,” writes Rick Perlstein for Rolling Stone. A CBS website page detailing a pattern of entrapment since September 11, 2001 has since disappeared.

Entire books and documentaries have been written and produced on the illegal political deeds of the FBI—and yet millions of Americans, deluged their entire lives with tidal waves of propaganda and official lies, unquestioningly believe whatever falsehoods the national security state’s political police enforcers invent. Millions of Americans actually believe unruly demonstrators on January 6 were somehow able to overthrow the government and thus solitary confinement is an appropriate response to wrongthink.

News that is politically disadvantageous for the state is successfully suppressed. For instance, the case of Hunter Biden, the degenerate son of the president.

Emily Crane writes:

   FBI officials told agents not to investigate first son Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop for months — vowing that the bureau was “not going to change the outcome of the election again,” according to whistleblower claims made public Wednesday by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.)

   “These new allegations provide even more evidence of FBI corruption and renew calls for you to take immediate steps to investigate the FBI’s actions regarding the laptop,” Johnson wrote in a letter to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

   According to the senator, “individuals with knowledge” had told his office that “local FBI leadership” had slow-walked the laptop investigation after the computer was recovered from a Wilmington, Del. repair shop in December 2019.

In other words, a supposed agency established to fight crime has itself engaged in massive criminality, including withholding information that would have undoubtedly influenced how Americans voted. This is exactly what the state and its media did with the widely debunked and quite frankly absurd “Russian collusion” accusations against Trump. The infamous Steele Dossier is a work of fiction, and a vulgar one at that.

“A cursory examination of the Steele Dossier should have convinced the CIA or the FBI that it was fake news,” writes Paul R. Gregory for the Hoover Institution.

   Any residual doubt would have vanished after learning that its author, Christopher Steele, was an opposition researcher paid by the Democrats to dig up dirt on Trump. That our most sophisticated government officials acted as if the Dossier were legitimate leads to only one conclusion. They were a knowing and willing  part of the Democratic and media smear of a presidential contender, and then president, that paralyzed U.S. politics for three years.

In short, the Democrats fed an unrelenting mountain of lies into the eager megaphone of the corporate media, and this did in fact warp the election (although it may have taken election tampering to achieve the final result of a senile old man becoming president).

The vast majority of the “fake news” came from Democrats desperate to prevent the American people from voting for the wrong candidate. Russia’s supposed disinformation campaign paled in comparison. Russia, like much of the rest of the world, was reporting on the election from its perspective. In the United States, this is considered subversion.

Now that the midterm elections are upon us, it’s time to ramp up the discredited old lies, throw them against the wall, and see what sticks. Once again, the FBI is instrumental.

   FBI officials warn that Russia and China are working to interfere in November’s midterm elections in the U.S. by amplifying misinformation that’s already been floating around.

   The feds expressed their concerns to state and local officials last month, according to an unclassified intelligence advisory. Russian operatives hope to further sow doubt in election integrity, while China is working to “hinder candidates perceived to be particularly adversarial to Beijing,” the FBI says.

Because so many Americans are little more than headline skimmers, there is a reduced chance they will arrive at the third paragraph, which states no “credible threats to election infrastructure have so far been detected by intelligence officials,” however insisting “U.S. adversaries in 2016 used social media to confuse and misinform voters. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook later took measures to fact-check information being posted online prior to the 2020 election.”

Left unsaid is the fact the USG and its conspiratorial media are permitted, even encouraged, to twist facts and pass off easily debunked lies as truth on all of its platforms, including and especially Facebook and Twitter.

Obviously, the “adversaries” are the American people, who may wander from the strict confines of official narratives, many debunked in short order, and vote for yet another outlier. The midterms will decide which “party” controls congress and if the president will be a “lame duck,” to match his lame cognitive ability.

All of this is an ongoing effort to tighten up a dysfunctional voting system. For decades, it has been little more than a meaningless ritual. This video reveals—admittedly with a hard partisan twist and a Fox News hoofprint—that it is indeed possible to rig voting machines.

However, to now even insinuate as much will get you investigated (or taken down) by the FBI.

“A U.K. based company that has provided voting machines for 16 states, including important battleground states like Florida and Arizona, has direct ties with billionaire leftist and Clinton crusader George Soros,” reports  Joe Jankowski for The Last American Vagabond.

   With recent WikiLeaks emails showing that Hillary Clinton received foreign policy directives and coordinated on domestic policy with Soros, along with receiving tens of millions of dollars in presidential campaign support from the billionaire, concerns are growing that these shadowy players may pull the strings behind the curtains of the [2016] presidential election.

The hysterical and irrational response by the state and its media to the American people voting Trump into office—a man obviously not educated on policy and with at best a sketchy grasp of geopolitics—is evidence enough elections are meaningless unless the vetted and establishment elected candidate wins.

It was apparently so serious, they had to have a Brit cook up a “dossier” of lies, the most notorious and tawdry being Trump supposedly urinating on a bed where Obama once slept. No obscenities or absurdities are beyond these people.

Meanwhile, the current president’s son illegally cavorted with prostitutes, smoked crack cocaine “every fifteen minutes,” and worst of all, entered into secret business deals with China and Ukraine. We knew this before the election, and yet it was scrubbed from the corporate and social media to make certain Biden would be clean as a whistle when duped voters performed their “democratic duty” ritual.


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Corrupt FBI and Corporate Media Gear Up Lies for Midterm Election

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