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 Woke Democrats Broke American Cities

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Woke Democrats Broke American Cities Vide
PostSubject: Woke Democrats Broke American Cities   Woke Democrats Broke American Cities Icon_minitimeWed Apr 28, 2021 6:11 pm

Almost all of the largest cities in the United States are governed by hard-left Democrats.  In fact, there is only one Republican mayor among the top 15 cities in the country and only three among the 30 largest cities.

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All of the problems in our urban areas today are almost exclusively the result of the failed Democratic Party leadership.  While previous generations of Democrats might have tried to find bipartisan solutions to longstanding problems, the party's leaders in 2021 are woke leftists interested only in pushing their radical agenda.

The result has been outmigration, soaring crime rates, a drug epidemic, broken families, failing public schools, an increasing number of blighted properties, high poverty and unemployment rates, an obsession with a race-based agenda, and rising antipathy toward law enforcement officers.  No wonder people are fleeing our cities in hopes of finding safety and a better quality of life.

Recent headlines show the absolute, ongoing destruction.  In New Orleans, there was another shooting early Saturday morning on Bourbon Street, in the French Quarter, the city's premier tourist destination.  In this case, five people were shot.  Sadly, this type of carnage is becoming a regular occurrence in the Crescent City.  New Orleans is suffering from a shortage of police officers and an abundance of criminals.

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Woke Democrats Broke American Cities

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