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 Stop the Steal

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PostSubject: Stop the Steal   Stop the Steal Icon_minitimeTue Jan 19, 2021 4:34 pm

There’s something about the title of this article that really rubs Democrat socialists the wrong way.  It incites a level of anger and irrational behavior not seen since the MAGA clothing line hit the shelves.  For the Democrat party and their media acolytes, this catchphrase has been stretched thin to wrap around the recent violent and unlawful breach of the U.S. Capitol, now used as the black swan event to drive a stake through the heart of Trump conservatives (Omitting Republicans here is deliberate, as the backbone and fealty of the Grand Old Party has been compromised in ways that are difficult to understand and painful to watch).

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"Stop the Steal" is not a call to violence, nor does it narrow upon a disputed election that will put the worst possible nominee of any presidential race in American history behind the Resolute Desk.  It represents a civil but firm opposition to a Democrat policy platform that seeks to wrench the foundations of democracy out from under our feet.

In the past year, the crawl of socialism in this country has become a full-out sprint acted out in anarchistic nightly displays on our city streets.  Political scientists and Marxist apologists assuage concerns with claims that socialism can coexist with capitalism. At what price and for how long?  Our schools, language, media, and workplaces have already willfully or unwittingly permitted this Orwellian drift to greater government control over our lives.  Standing athwart complete capitulation is our Bill of Rights, against which beltway Democrats and blue state governors, hiding behind the pandemic, have leveled a crippling broadside.

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Stop the Steal

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