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 Irrational college grads are committed to disturbing leftist-political program

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Irrational college grads are committed to disturbing leftist-political program  Vide
PostSubject: Irrational college grads are committed to disturbing leftist-political program    Irrational college grads are committed to disturbing leftist-political program  Icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2019 9:24 pm

Conversations about schooling with friends in recent months have led to many troublesome questions about the content and outcomes of college and university education these days.

What is being taught in kindergarten through 12th grade that makes so many high school graduates lacking in critical thinking skills and historical knowledge? When they get to college and take courses in the humanities and social sciences, they appear to respond like empty blotters and end up parroting what amounts to a party line.

This is more than a passing concern considering the long-term implications of the political, economic, and cultural beliefs that seem so commonplace among current college graduates of the millennial generation, such as young Bronx U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), otherwise known as AOC.

Why? Because their worldview and their public policy demands are potentially quite damaging to America if implemented — political collectivism, deep eco-politics, a disdain for our national heritage and sovereignty, and support for the United Nations Agenda 2030.

What is it about current high school and university curricula that they are molding so many college graduates into being committed to so many disturbing political programs? That is a deeper question for another time, but the outcomes are rather clear.

Several studies by Professor Philip Carl Salzman and other insightful writers who post on the Minding the Campus website are most helpful in identifying several of these key outcomes — dogmas really — of university education that are playing out now in the public realm.

These dogmas are especially evident in the social sciences and humanities departments. Dogmas which many millennials, such as the Boston University graduate, Gaia-Green New Dealer, Congressperson AOC, have absorbed and are acting upon.

The literal meaning of dogma in ancient Greek was something that was true, an absolute. If you believe in a certain religion, ideology, or philosophy, you believe in its dogma, its core assumptions, and its tenets.

Here are thirteen of the more widespread and troubling dogmas being taught in the universities:

— 1. There Is No Truth; It’s All Relative, Nothing Is Absolutely, Ultimately Good or Bad;

— 2. All Cultures Are Equally Good; Multi-Cultural Diversity Is Our Strength;

— 3. The West Is Evil; The Rest Are Virtuous. Islamophilia is preferred over Islamophobia;

— 4. Only the Christian West Was Primarily Imperialist and Colonialist;

— 5. Western Imperialism Was a White Racist Project;

— 6. Heterosexual White Men Are Evil; Women of Color and Gays Are Virtuous;

— 7. Individuals Are Not Important; Only Membership in Selectively Approved Groups Is;

— 8. Justice Is Equalizing Representation and Wealth Distribution According to Percentages of the Population;

— 9. Members of Oppressor-Victimizer Categories Must Be Suppressed;

— 10. Governments Grant Alienable Rights, No god Grants Inalienable Rights;

— 11. Capitalism has been Waging War on Mother Earth. Eco-Socialism will Not;

— 12. National Governments & Borders are Bad. A Borderless World Government would be Good; and

— 13. Being Educated Is About Being Certified as Such.

These dogmatic beliefs — the all-too-frequent outcomes of contemporary university education — do not bode well for us.

How will they impact fruitful civil dialogue, the individual rights of unabridged and “incorrect” free speech, uninfringed self-defense, true diversity, social morality, and the future of our now increasingly fractured sensate nation?

Ask yourself which of these 13 university dogmas would you strike off or add to?

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Irrational college grads are committed to disturbing leftist-political program

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