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 China's new clueless and ignorant national hero

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China's new clueless and ignorant national hero Vide
PostSubject: China's new clueless and ignorant national hero   China's new clueless and ignorant national hero Icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2008 6:13 am

China's new clueless and ignorant national hero 080415torchgv0

A wheelchair-bound Chinese torch bearer has rocketed to national fame after fending off protesters in Paris, becoming a symbol of China's defiance of global demonstrations backing Tibet.

Jin Jing, a 27 year-old amputee and Paralympic fencer has been called the "angel in a wheelchair" and is being celebrated by television chat shows, newspapers and online musical videos after fiercely defending the Olympic torch during the Paris leg of the troubled international relay.

Protesters denouncing Chinese policy in Tibet threw themselves at Jin. Most were wrestled away by police but at least one reached her wheelchair and tried to wrench the torch away. Jin clung tenaciously to what has become a controversial icon of the Beijing Olympic Games until her attacker was pulled off. Her look of fierce determination as she shielded the torch, captured in snapshots of the scene, has now spread throughout China, inflaming simmering public anger at the protests. "I thought we had lost in France, but seeing the young disabled torch bearer Jin Jing's radiant smile of conviction, I know in France we did not lose, we won!" said one of tens of thousands of Internet postings about the incident.

Here's Jin receiving a hero's welcome at a Lenovo event in Beijing:

China's new clueless and ignorant national hero 080415jingol4

Jin, who received scratches on her chin and shoulders during the Paris incident, cuts a pretty damn sympathetic figure. No wonder Chinese netizens are so angry with the French.

If this bitch really understood the issues, she'd never have agreed to be a propaganda tool for the immoral criminals which run her pathetic country... imbecil!
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China's new clueless and ignorant national hero

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