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 Via Anarcho-Capitalists' Forum: “The Law Tells Me So”

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PostSubject: Via Anarcho-Capitalists' Forum: “The Law Tells Me So”    Tue Aug 28, 2018 5:44 am

When I was younger, there was a gentleman who often rode his bike around our neighborhood and would constantly try talking to my sister, whom he had a liking toward. I don’t remember liking him very much. On one such occasion, while he was talking to my sister, I heard him use a curse word. Being the good defensive brother that I was, I called out to him in pristine prophetic fashion, “the Bible says not to cuss.” His scholarly response nearly threw me off my steeple with its abrasive precision, “Oh yeah? Well, the Bible says you’re dumb.” As I contemplated whether he was actually correct, he rode off in frustration. I don’t think he appreciated me getting in the middle of his “pursuits”.
I walked away from that situation having learned a valuable lesson, namely, that “the Bible says so” is not a very convincing argument. The reason being that not everyone accepts it as a legitimate authority over their lives. When it comes to the task of how we should order our life, simply referring to an inscribed authority, when people disagree on the inscribed authority, is not a sufficient argument. Many conservatives, invoking the similar “the law says so”, it seems, have not learned this valuable lesson.

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PostSubject: Re: Via Anarcho-Capitalists' Forum: “The Law Tells Me So”    Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:06 pm

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Via Anarcho-Capitalists' Forum: “The Law Tells Me So”

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