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 Outstanding Letter: Another reason to vote Libertarian

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PostSubject: Outstanding Letter: Another reason to vote Libertarian   Tue May 15, 2018 9:00 am

Quote :
Al Capone has returned and is running liquor and wine sales in New Hampshire.

Capone mastered the art of using prohibition to wipe out competition and reap huge profits on liquor sales. The government of New Hampshire is using the same tactics to extract money from its residents when they buy liquor or wine. We get higher prices and less choice because of what our politicians are doing.

We have a state-run monopoly in the form of the New Hampshire Liquor Commission controlling every bottle of liquor and wine sold in the state. The commission both sells and regulates the sale of alcohol in New Hampshire. This is a conflict of interest that would make any gangster happy. They decide what brands to carry, what to charge, if you can order online, etc. The opportunity for “Pay for Play” is too much to pass up. Prepare to get the Tommy gun treatment if you try to question them.

And of course the New Hampshire State House mob has not forgotten how profitable the protection racket is, so now they want a 5 percent tax on liquor sales just to keep you safe.

While not quite Eliot Ness, the Libertarian Party will be on the ballot in the next election and will gradually work to end the gangsters’ state-run monopoly and control on liquor and wine sales. Voting for Libertarians will get you lower prices, a better selection and many more up-to-date ways to buy it.


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Outstanding Letter: Another reason to vote Libertarian

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