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 Masterful methods or merely food myths?

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Masterful methods or merely food myths?  Vide
PostSubject: Masterful methods or merely food myths?    Masterful methods or merely food myths?  Icon_minitimeMon May 21, 2012 7:41 pm

TRUE or false? Bad eggs float. Coffee is best stored in the freezer. Steaks should only be flipped once.

Masterful methods or merely food myths?  Msglwmyth20120521100155

Kitchen lore, tips and tricks are passed from generation to generation and often accepted without question.

Advances in technology, food research and knowledge have exposed some long-held beliefs as myths, while others still ring true. Good Living asked chefs, scientists and industry experts to sort fact from fiction.

TRUE The sink-or-float test sounds too simple to be true but it works, according to Tim Elwin, of Urban Food Market at Marrickville. ''There's a membrane between the egg white and the shell and as the egg gets older, the membrane pulls away from the shell, creating an air pocket,'' he says. ''As the air pocket expands, the egg will rise in water and eventually float.'' Another quick test for freshness is to look at the expiry date. ''An egg has an approximate six-week shelf life and is at its optimum in the first one-to-two weeks,'' Elwin says. ''So if you see a use-by date that's five weeks away, you know they're pretty damn fresh.''

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Masterful methods or merely food myths?

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