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 Libertarian solutions to inflation

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Libertarian solutions to inflation Vide
PostSubject: Libertarian solutions to inflation   Libertarian solutions to inflation Icon_minitimeFri Nov 11, 2022 2:39 am

Inflation has been the big issue of 2022. For almost everyone, the problem has become increasingly impossible to ignore. Prices are continuing to rise, the value of our savings is in decline. Inflation is effectively stealing our future.

Libertarian solutions to inflation ?

But as long as half of the country believes that it is caused by the war in Ukraine, COVID, corporate profits, or that inflation like this is new and temporary, there will never be proper solutions to inflation.

At best, it will be viewed as one of those random problems we must deal with when we have a crisis. At worst, policies like price controls and other government interventions will gain steam.

Moreover, we must move to cure inflation with more liberty.

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Libertarian solutions to inflation

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