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 Why the Left Always Wins

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Why the Left Always Wins Vide
PostSubject: Why the Left Always Wins   Why the Left Always Wins Icon_minitimeMon Jan 04, 2021 4:21 pm

On the morning of November 3, I texted a friend about how proud I was of America.  After all the vilification, Trump would win because the system works.  The last thing I said to my son-in-law as I went to bed that night was, "Don't worry.  They can't overcome a nine-point lead in Pennsylvania.  Trump is going to win."

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How could I have been so blind?  Because I had faith in the law.  As the most destructive interstate crime campaign in American history was playing out, videos emerged (Philadelphia, Detroit, Gary) of authorized poll-watchers being barred from entering election headquarters by latter-day Bull Connors.  Other poll-watchers were frog-marched out of buildings.  Why did law-abiding people obey the criminals?  Why didn't they go full Rosa Parks and refuse to move?  Or Gandhi up with passive resistance and have to be dragged out of buildings?  Why did they shuffle out like segregated blacks going to the back of the bus?  Would BLM or Antifa blackshirts plead for lawful entry while pathetically presenting credentials?  Was it fear of arrest?  The Republican poll-watchers didn't look afraid as they submitted to felonious leftists.  Just as I believed in the election, they did as they were told because the essence of the reverential American political orientation is faith in the law.  Furthermore, it is abhorrent to the character structure that underlies that orientation to make a public scene.

The American right and left wings can be conceptualized as two incompatible political orientations:  reverential and deconstructivist.  The former sustains America as a constitutional republic.  The goal of reverentialism is summarized in Jefferson's description of God-given freedoms protected by the just operation of law, which descends from the Constitution.  Reverentialism believes that the Constitution should be literally interpreted but can be changed by amendment, as has happened 27 times.  Reverentialism is essentially positive and is based on the belief that America is inherently good and special.
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Why the Left Always Wins

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