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 The Warped Morality of Liberalism

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The Warped Morality of Liberalism Vide
PostSubject: The Warped Morality of Liberalism   The Warped Morality of Liberalism Icon_minitimeThu Dec 31, 2020 5:07 pm

Liberals cheered the news this week that a statue of Abraham Lincoln had been taken down in Boston. The statue depicted Lincoln holding his hand benevolently over a liberated slave. Though paternalistic themselves, liberals had no patience for the statue, which they pronounced “harmful.” That freed slaves had helped pay for the statue didn’t impress them. While liberal esteem for Lincoln declines in Boston, it rises for Teddy Kennedy. Boston boasts an “Edward M. Kennedy Institute,” which recently honored New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his “coronavirus leadership.”

Lincoln isn’t faring much better in other liberal cities. In San Francisco, a committee of its public school district is calling for the removal of his name from a high school. The “renaming” committee is also offended by schools named after George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and various Spanish explorers.

But one San Francisco school that won’t be renamed is the “Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academic Elementary School,” despite Milk’s reputation as a corrupter of youth.

¬† ¬†Liberals are nothing if not flexible in their moral judgments. Yet they can’t cut any slack to the heroes of the past unless they serve the politics of the present.

In liberalism’s pantheon of heroes, Harvey Milk, Teddy Kennedy, Margaret Sanger (an open proponent of racist eugenics), and countless other checkered figures stand taller than America’s greatest presidents.


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The Warped Morality of Liberalism

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