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 Libertarian: The Red Tape Virus

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Libertarian: The Red Tape Virus Vide
PostSubject: Libertarian: The Red Tape Virus   Libertarian: The Red Tape Virus Icon_minitimeWed Mar 25, 2020 9:35 pm

The coronavirus outbreak “didn’t have to get to this point,” fumes John Stossel at Reason. South Korea “limited the disease without quarantines and shortages” with intensive testing from the start. But the Centers for Disease Control allowed only its own test, which “often gave inaccurate results,” subjecting all others to a “cumbersome approval process.” The testing shortage left US doctors unsure where outbreaks were happening, leading to mass lockdowns. Finally, “Donald Trump waived those rules,” but “that delay killed people” and is “still killing people,” as did other “needlessly repressive rules.” “Once COVID-19 passes,” Stossel advises, “America should leave those regulations waived.”

Libertarian: The Red Tape Virus 033018vacantbroadway7wf

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Libertarian: The Red Tape Virus

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