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  Christianity: Judaism for the Masses

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 Christianity: Judaism for the Masses Vide
PostSubject: Christianity: Judaism for the Masses    Christianity: Judaism for the Masses Icon_minitimeSun Jan 12, 2020 6:14 pm

Anyone familiar with Christianity knows the story: the Jews, God’s Chosen People, couldn’t keep the good and righteous laws passed down by ‘Him’. And so, by God’s righteous plan, the Gentiles were grafted in. Hooray, salvation for all!

 Christianity: Judaism for the Masses 69Dcj6C

What Christians don’t realize, however, is that the joke’s on them. Christianity was, is, and will always be a sect of Judaism. In the words of Jesus himself: “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel”. Matthew 15:24. When a Gentile woman asked Jesus for help, he replied: “It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.” Matthew 15:26.

The original disciples usually met and taught in the Jewish temple. When they were on the road, they met and taught in the communal Essene houses (which later became the original Christian churches). They were considered by the Jews as just another sect of Judaism, albeit a radical one. This was nothing new, however, since there were at least 100 Messianic claimants in the First Century AD.

Although Christianity hit a bump in the road when their patron was (supposedly) executed, it was still going strong. And then, out of nowhere, a man appeared who changed everything – the Apostle Paul. Paul gained a large following by preaching a radically new version of Christianity, one that included non-Jews. This was never taught by Jesus or his original disciples – who by that time were led by James, Jesus’ brother, and Peter, his chosen right-hand man. And so, they and Paul came to a large disagreement over the Gentile issue. Paul won.

In retrospect, it’s obvious that Paul was in the inner circle of Jewish power. He knew that Rome would eventually sack Jerusalem. If Christianity was just another Jewish sect, it would die with them. The obvious answer was to spread it to non-Jews. What better way to preserve it, control the non-Jewish world, and get filthy rich? Of course the original disciples agreed with him once they saw the light. And it certainly worked!

This presented a problem, though, because as Christianity grew in power Jews were becoming hated. After all, they were the ones who ‘killed Christ’. How would they eventually control the world if they were a small, hated group? Not to fear, they had an answer: Zionism. Theodor Herzl is credited with creating the modern Zionist movement. His two major books were written in 1896 and 1902. The Scofield Bible was first published in 1909, shortly after his death. It created the foundation for Christian Zionism.

The basic premise of Christian Zionism is that although Gentiles were grafted in, the original covenant between God and the Jews was never broken – therefore, they are still to be revered. The main Bible verse they use to justify this (although taken out of context) is “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” Genesis 12:3. The main connotations of this belief are that 1) Since the Jews are still God’s people, they deserve a country of their own and 2)If we ‘stand with Israel’ we will be blessed, but if we hate the Jews we will be cursed.

The philosophy of Zionism has infected the majority of Protestant churches in the U.S., and the support they give Israel is indispensable for its existence. Lessening this support is my main motivation for writing this article.
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Christianity: Judaism for the Masses

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