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 Donald Trump, George Soros and Your Local Elections

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Donald Trump, George Soros and Your Local Elections Vide
PostSubject: Donald Trump, George Soros and Your Local Elections   Donald Trump, George Soros and Your Local Elections Icon_minitimeMon Nov 04, 2019 8:43 pm

... Soros and New York
In upstate New York, a group that Mr. Soros funds has spent more than $800,000 to support Shani Curry Mitchell, a Democratic candidate for Monroe County district attorney.
It is part of Mr. Soros’s effort to help elect progressive law enforcement candidates around the country.
The incumbent, Sandra Doorley, a Republican, has said the ads from the group, the New York Justice and Public Safety Political Action Committee, are inaccurate and a form of outside interference.

Ms. Mitchell has denied any connection to the ads and called the issue a distraction.

In Ulster County, where the longtime district attorney is not seeking re-election, Mr. Soros’s group spent more than $240,000 supporting David Clegg, who is running for the position on the Democratic, Working Families and Libertarian Party lines.
A top official in the district attorney office, Michael Kavanagh, is running on the Republican, Independence and Conservative Party lines.
Mr. Soros’s group sent a mailer touting Mr. Clegg’s candidacy that included a photo from an official campaign event. The image showed Mr. Clegg shaking hands with a local activist who had pleaded guilty to selling guns to an undercover federal informant.
Mr. Clegg said he was unaware of the mailer before it was sent and called the photo a “mistake.” Republicans said the mailer was evidence of coordination between the PAC and Mr. Clegg’s campaign, which would be a violation of state election rules.
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Donald Trump, George Soros and Your Local Elections

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