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 Being Libertarian: Misconceptions of Order

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Being Libertarian: Misconceptions of Order Vide
PostSubject: Being Libertarian: Misconceptions of Order   Being Libertarian: Misconceptions of Order Icon_minitimeMon Sep 09, 2019 11:17 pm

One of the many topics discussed by psychologist, Dr. Jordan Peterson, is the topic of competition and cooperation.

Being Libertarian: Misconceptions of Order Order-chaos-signpost-Pixabay

It appears to be generally believed that these form a dichotomy. We are either competing or we are cooperating. We can either work for a common interest, or work in opposition to our separate interests. We can cooperate with some people, and compete with others, but we cannot simultaneously do both with the same person in the same situation. But, as Peterson points out, this is not necessarily the case, pointing to sports as an example.

Sports are both competitive and cooperative. Teams compete against one another, but each team consists of cooperating individuals. And each team is cooperating across a larger set of games by playing by an established set of rules.

This leads to a question: If cooperation and competition work in this manner, what about order and chaos? Is this another dichotomy where both opposites can exist simultaneously?
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Being Libertarian: Misconceptions of Order

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