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 The MX Private Currency Gets the Government’s Attention

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The MX Private Currency Gets the Government’s Attention Vide
PostSubject: The MX Private Currency Gets the Government’s Attention   The MX Private Currency Gets the Government’s Attention Icon_minitimeMon Aug 19, 2019 9:34 pm

Max Capital Group LTD planned virtual private currency – the MX Currency. Now it is getting attention from London ministry and US global regulators. Huge impact of this currency will take place with cryptocurrency and fiat money as well.

The MX Private Currency Gets the Government’s Attention The-MX-Private-Currency-Gets-the-Government-Attention

In another words, besides Brexit, this currency has dominated the discussion among the headquarters, movers, and economic analysts from London’s financial technology or the Fintech industry. They have already gathered their annual announcement for future of private currencies.

“Can I ask you to tell what happens if you not willing to use the private currency?” asked the moderator at an event at London’s recent “FinTech Week“. The stage was also filled with 100 experts and all big media houses who closely watched the financial sector talking about the automation technology that Maxone technology provided. About the two-thirds of participants raised their hands to express the question about the possibility of the private currency in the future.

People are also concerned about how the governance would react. Bob Stevens shared, “This private currency will make a huge impact, despite that the cryptocurrency community is already taking the stage and is very libertarian in thinking. It’s about giving option to the people, democratization of finance decision, keeping away from big banks and company who control the economy growth.”

Last month’s gathering came one month after the Global Founders Meeting was held by leaders from all around the world, gathered first time in Jakarta, Indonesia. They started to present the MX private currency with Euromax Fx broker as a partner who make the cooperation with Metatrader trading platform. The Maxone Technologies, that is widely regarded as a challenger to dominant global player bitcoin, is expected to launch in the first half of 2020.

Where the bitcoin is decentralized, MX currency will be managed by the 100 partner firms, including Max Capital Group LTD. and Maxone Technology. It would help investors to invest their money safely, including payment giants Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal, as well the biggest taxi hailing services like Grab, Uber, and Lyft.

To access mxone on trading platform, users will go through the MT4 trading platform, from virtual wallet provided by maxone technologies. Max Capital Group boasts of an enormous customer base, and it will support the mx currency’s uptake.

“We can’t wait for a cryptocurrency dominated by private currency. Though nowadays crypto is getting popular, it’s hard to integrate it with big services like Uber, the censorship resistance of paypal, and the centralized system by Visa.” said Sarah Lee, head of non-profit research organization of open privacy.

Mx currency meanwhile also got raised eyebrows from the world’s financial regulators like Bank of England, the European Central Bank, and the US Federal Reserve. We believe this huge impact will finally force all regulators to present the fixed and patent regulations of the guidelines of private currency, as demanded by the government itself.

We’ve been waiting for a long time for better things – the regulation of cryptocurrencies and private currency, like digital assets. Johny Kim, head of private currency research firm Bitassist, argues that MX currency should not be seen in the same light as Bitcoin.

In the next event, people may realized that MX currency is not just another cryptocurrency, said Mr. George Stan at the FinTech Week events.

“A true currency will dominate the world. MX currency will be the role model, the digital currency that will provide resistance to being attacked by all parties, from sovereign states to global corporation,” he said, and he added that “Private currency will be the one and only money used to transfer value over internet that cannot be stopped, confiscated or destroyed by any single entity.

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The MX Private Currency Gets the Government’s Attention

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