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 Gallup: Majority unwilling to vote 'socialist'

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Gallup: Majority unwilling to vote 'socialist' Vide
PostSubject: Gallup: Majority unwilling to vote 'socialist'   Gallup: Majority unwilling to vote 'socialist' Icon_minitimeSun May 12, 2019 10:18 pm

Socialism does not have much allure for voters, according to a major pollster, which might be news of interest for Sen. Bernard Sanders, Vermont independent and self-described democratic socialist.
“Less than half of Americans (47%) say they would vote for a qualified presidential candidate who is a socialist,” says a new Gallup poll.
“Socialist” was the only political persuasion that did not reach majority approval.
The pollster included hypothetical beliefs over whether someone would vote for a candidate if the person were black (96% approval), Hispanic (95%), female (94%), evangelical Christian (80%), gay or lesbian (76%), age under 40 (71%), Muslim (66%), age over 70 (63%), and atheist (60%).
“In spite of the expanded tolerance for diversity, candidates labeling themselves as socialists may struggle to gain traction in a presidential race, as Americans have not become more open to such a candidate. Even as political figures advocating socialist ideas have gained popularity in Democratic circles in recent years, less than half of Americans remain willing to give an avowed socialist candidate their vote. This creates a challenge for the Democratic Party, as it seeks to avoid alienating the Democratic socialists within its rank and file, while still aiming to win a national election,” writes Gallup analyst Justin McCarthy.

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Gallup: Majority unwilling to vote 'socialist'

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