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 LOL, #FreeTheNipple campaign

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LOL, #FreeTheNipple campaign Vide
PostSubject: LOL, #FreeTheNipple campaign   LOL, #FreeTheNipple campaign Icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2014 7:38 pm

Want to take part in the #FreeTheNipple campaign but don't feel like getting arrested for indecent exposure? Then simply purchase one of these nifty 'Tata' bikini tops. It's the most creative response to the campaign we've seen. Interestingly, if you post a pic of yourself wearing it on Instagram it may still be banned by the social media site. Crazy, huh?

LOL, #FreeTheNipple campaign Gal-port-top-940x628
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LOL, #FreeTheNipple campaign PgkowJT
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LOL, #FreeTheNipple campaign

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