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 US court rejects 'abstract' software patents

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US court rejects 'abstract' software patents Vide
PostSubject: US court rejects 'abstract' software patents   US court rejects 'abstract' software patents Icon_minitimeFri Jun 20, 2014 9:37 pm

The US Supreme Court has cut back on software patents by ruling that simply implementing an abstract idea using a computer does not make an invention eligible to be patented.

US court rejects 'abstract' software patents 1403225464001

In a 9-0 vote, the court ruled for CLS Bank International, which challenged patents held by Australia-based Alice Corporation – owned in part by the National Australia Bank – for a computer system that facilitates financial transactions.

The court added some clarity to a confused area of the law concerning when software can be patented but did not provide a definitive test as some had hoped.

The ruling left open questions about under what circumstances the use of a computer adds enough to the idea to make its patent eligible.

At a minimum, the ruling is likely to help tech companies fend off lawsuits filed by ''patent trolls'', defined as companies that hold patents only for the purpose of suing firms seeking to develop new products.
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US court rejects 'abstract' software patents PgkowJT
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US court rejects 'abstract' software patents

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