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 In praise of risk-taking women

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In praise of risk-taking women  Vide
PostSubject: In praise of risk-taking women    In praise of risk-taking women  Icon_minitimeThu Jun 19, 2014 12:11 am

Every woman should probably travel alone, at least once. She should set her own itinerary, go exactly where she pleases. She should rely upon a stranger for help or take a stranger into her confidence. Whomever she trusts and doesn’t trust, she should feel the satisfaction of proving her instincts right. And she should take a chance on something, simply out of curiosity, with no more justification than that. She should throw herself into something she’s not sure she can pull off. She should do all this, because this is adventure.

In praise of risk-taking women  Risk_wide-620x349

Of course, it can all sound like one woman’s search for enlightenment though. This modern obsession with self-improvement where everything is cloyingly described as a journey. This is probably because we use cheerful, aspirational words to describe women’s adventure-seeking, like ‘renewal’ or ‘reinvention’ when more prickly words like ‘risk-taking’ might better suit. Except that risk-taking is considered virtually pathological in women. So, we encourage boldness while dismissing daring. We celebrate adventurousness in women but only with santized versions until it is more contentment than excitement she appears to be achieving.
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In praise of risk-taking women

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