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 It's possible to have too much healthy food

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It's possible to have too much healthy food Vide
PostSubject: It's possible to have too much healthy food   It's possible to have too much healthy food Icon_minitimeThu May 15, 2014 7:04 pm

So, you start the day with a green smoothie – almond milk, coconut water, avocado, cucumber, kale, LSA, CHIA and Greek yoghurt. Lunch is generally a quinoa or brown rice salad with nuts and seeds along with a little chicken or tuna. Another almond milk smoothie keeps you going until your nightly gym visit and you finish the day with Thai takeaway or sushi or a piece of salmon and brown rice – all in all, a very healthy day. Numerous nutritional boxes have been ticked, you have swapped your dairy for almond and coconut milk and plenty of nuts, grains and seeds have ensured you have received your good fats. So why are you not losing weight?

It's possible to have too much healthy food Art-98840293-620x349

The diet described here is one I typically see in practice. Healthy, fit individuals doing their very best to eat well, but such an intense focus on including as many ‘'healthy’' foods in the diet as possible has resulted in a little too much good food, which unfortunately then also translates into a calorie overload. And while fit trainers who exercise for numerous hours each day, or celebrity chefs may preach this style of eating, for the average person who spends much more time sitting than they do exercising or preparing portion controlled, nutritionally balanced meals, this style of eating which is concentrated in grains, seeds, oils and nuts, translates into a very healthy, but also a very calorie heavy diet.

So if you are trying your best to eat ‘'healthy'’, here are some simple ways to ensure your calories are also kept under control.
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It's possible to have too much healthy food

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