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 The Narcissism, Scapegoating and Leftism of Ayn Rand

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The Narcissism, Scapegoating and Leftism of Ayn Rand Vide
PostSubject: The Narcissism, Scapegoating and Leftism of Ayn Rand   The Narcissism, Scapegoating and Leftism of Ayn Rand Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2008 3:08 am

Long essay by Bob Wallace.

"Rand is not a philosopher but a philodoxer, and pure Objectivism is hazardous to anyone or any society that tries to follow it.

"Objectivism isn't a very good defense of the free-market, either. Instead, it's a narcissistic, scapegoating, and leftist expression of Rand's Narcissistic Personality Disorder. That makes it a cousin of Nazism and Marxism.

"To the most hardcore [fans], her philosophy is a religion, albeit a false one. It's very hard hard to give up a religion, even if it's clearly fraudulent.

"They [objectivists] are convinced they are rational, and those who disagree with them are not only irrational, but evil. In reality, Objectivists have such an infantile view of rationality they can barely be considered rational at all. That was an enormous problem with Rand (and still is with her modern-day followers): they are not rational enough. Since they are leftists, they are ruled by their feelings. Of this they have no comprehension, and probably never will.

I came to my conclusions by using one of Rand's favorite tactics: checking premises. Checking her premises. For someone who prided herself on an obsessive checking of other philosophers' premises, and almost always "deducing" the wrong conclusions, she was incapable of checking her own. If she had, she might have realized Objectivism is (to use her words against her) a system of rationalization and therefore evil.


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The Narcissism, Scapegoating and Leftism of Ayn Rand PgkowJT
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The Narcissism, Scapegoating and Leftism of Ayn Rand

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