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PostSubject: THE FREEDOM QUIZ   THE FREEDOM QUIZ Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2008 8:52 pm

by Russell Madden

Have you ever met or talked with someone who actually was willing to say he hated freedom or that he simply didn't believe that people should be free?

Even the most statist and collectivist politician (in this country, at least) will give lip service to "freedom." They all praise liberty and proudly tell us they are four-square behind it. Indeed, they usually claim that their latest legal proposal or regulation or policy that dictates what we must or must not do will actually increase the freedom of American citizens. I think it will be a long time coming before we get political truth-in-campaigning promises and see folks placing "I Hate Freedom" or "Freedom Sucks" or "Freedom is Overrated" bumper stickers on their cars.

Indeed, there are many libertarian-leaners who assure us they are "for" freedom. A significant number will go even farther and claim we are free. I have no reason to doubt their sincerity in making such a statement, though I do doubt their...well, um, never mind.

Given that quizzes are popular fodder in mainstream publishing, I thought I would offer one of my own for Atlas readers. It's easy! It's fun! It's nonfattening! Simple "yes" or "no" answers. Uncomplicated scoring. Rewarding insights and possibilities for personal growth. What more could one desire?

So here goes. The Atlas Freedom Quiz (v. 1). Circle "yes" if you agree with the statement. Circle "no" if you disagree.

1. Our taxes may be too high, but I enjoy roads, mail service, public schools, and other benefits the government provides. Taxes are simply the price we pay for civilization. Yes No

2. In order to ensure the safety of our food and medicines and the products we buy, we need government regulations and agents to protect us. Yes No

3. It doesn't matter if the president asks Congress to declare wars. Since he's the commander-in-chief, he needs to be able to send our troops whenever and to wherever he decides is necessary. Yes No

4. Medical marijuana should perhaps be legalized, but some recreational drugs are simply too dangerous and cause too many problems to allow people to use them. Yes No

5. Federal antitrust laws are important safeguards to limit harm to citizens from the inherent greed of corporations. Yes No

6. It's simply wrong to say that government should not legislate morality. That's one of its primary functions. Yes No

7. We should legally punish people who are cruel to their pets or the animals they own. Yes No

8. Government-mandated affirmative action programs and hate-crime legislation are necessary to hold the racism of citizens in check. Yes No

9. We need government-provided welfare to help those unfortunates who are unable to provide for their own basic needs. Yes No

10. Anti-discrimination laws are required to aid the disabled and other unfavored groups. Yes No

11. Since no private citizen needs a machine gun, it is okay to ban such weapons. Yes No

12. Jury members should only decide the facts of a case, not the law itself. Yes No

13. In order to create a sense of responsibility and social connection in our young people, we should institute a draft either for the military or for civilian service. Yes No

14. As the most powerful nation in the world, the United States has an obligation to promote democracy -- by force, if necessary -- wherever people need our assistance. Yes No

15. People should not be allowed to sell body parts. Yes No

16. Since there are parents who would not ensure that their children get a good education, we must enforce truancy laws. Yes No

17. Secondhand smoke is dangerous enough to justify antismoking laws. Yes No

18. People should not exploit others during emergencies. Therefore, we must have anti-gouging laws. Yes No

19. Given the problems in the world, we should trade a bit of freedom for greater security. Yes No

20. If you've done nothing wrong, you should not worry about the possibility of government databases or a national ID card. Yes No

21. Government should preserve the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman and outlaw gay marriage, polygamy, and other nontraditional arrangements. Yes No

22. Even though I could manage my retirement funds better than the government, too many people would not. Therefore, we need a mandatory Social Security system. Yes No

23. Since medical care is a right, the government has to ensure it is available to everyone. Yes No

24. Our society is too complex now to reduce the size of government to what it was at the beginning of this country. Yes No

25. To protect consumers from unscrupulous or incompetent people, we need occupational licensing. Yes No

26. We cannot do away with public schools without depriving children of the education that is their right. Yes No

27. To maintain a healthy diversity in ideas, national art subsidies are a positive idea. Yes No

28. Space travel requires an organization such as NASA. Yes No

29. Scientific research, in general, is vital to a healthy economy and should be funded by the government. Yes No

30. Secession of a state or city or county is never permissible. Yes No

31. Current campaign finance laws are important in ensuring the integrity of our electoral process. Yes No

32. Verbal sexual harassment in a place of business should be legally prohibited. Yes No

33. The gold standard is an antiquated and unworkable notion. Our money should be controlled by the government. Yes No

34. Zoning laws, building codes, and urban planning are required to keep our cities from collapsing into chaos. Yes No

35. In order to save the planet, we need to mandate recycling. Yes No

36. Airline security is too important to be left to the airlines or to private security organizations. Yes No

37. Insider trading is wrong and should remain illegal. Yes No

38. In order to preserve our jobs, outsourcing of jobs by American companies should be banned. Yes No

39. The growing disparity between the haves and have-nots is a sign that the government has failed in its responsibility to ensure equality. Yes No

40. Everyone has a right to a job. Yes No

41. Since we all have the right to vote for our governmental representatives, everyone must accept the results of the democratic laws they pass. Yes No

42. The amount of public service given by a citizen is a good measure of his value as a person. Yes No

43. We need government or we'll end up with another Great Depression. Yes No

44. Of course, we're free. Just look at places like North Korea. Yes No

45. Our political leaders need to make certain that companies don't make too large a profit. Yes No

46. Since success in life is mostly a matter of luck, we should have legal provisions that even things out. Yes No

47. People need government-provided recreational opportunities in order to enjoy a good lifestyle. Yes No

48. We need to protect family farmers through subsidies and other means. Yes No

49. In order to keep our economy healthy, trade deficits must be limited by the government. Yes No

50. It's un-American to purchase foreign-made goods; the practice should be limited as much as possible by tariffs and quotas. Yes No


* Zero "yes": The Gold Standard. You truly understand and believe in freedom. The preservation of our liberty needs more people like you.
* 1-10 "yes": The Silver Standard. You've accepted the loop around your neck, though you prefer it to be really, really loose with the rope held in the hands of your master to be really, really long. There's still time for you to recognize that no one has the right to put a noose around your throat. Before it's too late, yank off that rope and throw it away.
* 11 -30 "yes": The Bronze Standard. You fit right in with the vast majority of your fellow citizens. While you may want the freedom to do what you want, you think you have the right to force others to do what's right...according to your standards.
* 31-40 "yes": The Tin Standard. You support our nascent fascistic police state in nearly every avenue. Distrust of politicians makes no sense to you. After all, the government is us.
* 41-50 "yes": The Lead Standard. No one is more enslaved than those who believe they are free when they are not. You pretend that the noose choking the breath from you is nothing more threatening than a necktie. You should be extremely happy in the future confronting us.

There you have it. I'll put the name of any Gold Standard folks in the next issue of Atlas. Just send me an email.
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