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 Bwahahaha!!! Mozilla yanks Firefox marketing campaign

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Bwahahaha!!! Mozilla yanks Firefox marketing campaign Vide
PostSubject: Bwahahaha!!! Mozilla yanks Firefox marketing campaign   Bwahahaha!!! Mozilla yanks Firefox marketing campaign Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2008 12:01 am

Mozilla yanks Firefox marketing campaign; users slam offensive stats
Apologizes for mocking cancer victims, says list shouldn't have been posted

January 07, 2008 (Computerworld) -- Just hours after Mozilla Corp. debuted its first viral marketing campaign, it shuttered the Web site and apologized to users for what it admitted were offensive statistics used to promote Firefox.

The Web site, part of what Mozilla dubbed the "Firefox Users against Boredom" program, included a long list of statistics that purported to compare Firefox's users with people who run rival Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer (IE). Among the off-beat -- and unverifiable -- statistics that took shots at IE were those that claimed Firefox users are:

* 15% more likely to have watched cartoons on TV within the last seven days.
* 21% less likely to fish.

Also in the mix, however, were several that users called out as far from funny:

* 23% less likely to have cancer.
* 25% less likely to have breast cancer.
* 20% less likely to live with others suffering from cancer.

Numerous readers of the TechCrunch blog, which first reported the marketing program Monday, objected to those statistics, as well as others that claimed Firefox users were less likely to have high cholesterol or heart disease.
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Bwahahaha!!! Mozilla yanks Firefox marketing campaign

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