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 Education: What Democrats Are Really Pushing

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Education: What Democrats Are Really Pushing Vide
PostSubject: Education: What Democrats Are Really Pushing   Education: What Democrats Are Really Pushing Icon_minitimeTue Sep 10, 2019 3:44 am

Everyone once in a while, even if by accident, liberals tell you who they really are, what they think, and what they want to do. Whether it slips out or they deliberately put it down in a statement, it’s a quick little glimpse into what’s going on in the void behind their vacant eyes. This week saw a few of these glimpses.

It was a bit of irony that the same people who spent years insisting pouring water up the nose of the man who masterminded the September 11th attacks was torture, would inflict 7 hours of Democrats babbling about climate change on the American people. Luckily, and sensibly, very few Americans bothered to tune in. (Sympathy to those stuck in airports. Even on mute, the crazy crept through.)

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While all called for things like banning coal, oil drilling, fracking, and nuclear power, they also want to mandate the use of electric cars. None addressed, nor were asked by any of the crowd or the so-called journalist cheerleaders moderating the clown show exactly where they planned to get all the electricity to charge those cars. Once you ban the means of generating 82.9 percent of our electricity (you can add another seven percent since there’s no way any Democrat would support the building of another damn), you’re left with wind (6.6 percent) and solar (1.6 percent). They might as well have called for putting sails on cars.

But that wasn’t what stuck out to me after watching that inadvertent in-kind donation to Republicans (every candidate said at least three things that should end up in campaign ads next year). What hit me was what Julian Castro said about education.
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Education: What Democrats Are Really Pushing

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