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 Fired From KSCO, Georgia “Peach” Finds New Alt-Right Audience

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Fired From KSCO, Georgia “Peach” Finds New Alt-Right Audience Vide
PostSubject: Fired From KSCO, Georgia “Peach” Finds New Alt-Right Audience   Fired From KSCO, Georgia “Peach” Finds New Alt-Right Audience Icon_minitimeWed Jul 10, 2019 3:54 am

After losing her local platform for spewing vitriol about “white genocide,” former KSCO radio host Georgia “Peach” Beardslee has resurfaced—not on another right-wing show on the Central Coast, but on an anti-Semitic online broadcast from the Middle East.
“It’s a beautiful day here in Bolshevik, communist-run Santa Cruz,” Beardslee said during a May 18 interview on Inside the Eye—Live! with Dennis Fetcho (aka “The Fetch”), who says he’s a U.S. expat in Amman, Jordan. “I kinda feel like I’m coming out of the closet today.”
Beardslee’s return to far-right broadcasting came just after her former boss of eight years, KSCO 1080 AM Owner Michael Zwerling, used his May 4 show to address the aftermath of a late April decision to end her twice-weekly program. “Because of my and our commitment to free speech, I allowed a monster to be created on the radio station,” the owner said. Zwerling, who is Jewish, insisted that Beardslee had “changed,” and that allegations of promoting hate speech “had become a distraction.”
Staff at KSCO, Zwerling added, have faced a range of abuse. “Stinking, miserable, bleeping, Jew, gay, slimeball, crook,” he said of the backlash. “Never did I expect such unbelievable nastiness and personal slurs.”
He didn’t get any sympathy from the former host of KSCO Presents: Georgia.
“I wouldn’t shed one tear if someone did something dastardly to KSCO, the anti-white radio station,” Beardslee said in her May 18 interview.
Beardslee, who goes by @peachescapitola on Twitter, speaks with a grandmotherly voice that at first almost makes it seem like her schtick could be an extreme act of performance art for notoriously liberal Santa Cruz. In a prime example of the hellscape of online posturing, the host who traffics in conspiracy theories and race baiting said of KSCO that, “These sub-humans are never fair … The most woke people were [on] my show.”
The host won fans among other extremist pundits like The Fetch, who called her “one of the great voices” for “European diaspora politics.” He praised Beardslee’s efforts to “re-moralize” Santa Cruz while employed by “a Jewish-owned and operated station in KSCO.”

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Fired From KSCO, Georgia “Peach” Finds New Alt-Right Audience

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