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 North Korea reveals nuclear EMP attack plans

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North Korea reveals nuclear EMP attack plans Vide
PostSubject: North Korea reveals nuclear EMP attack plans   North Korea reveals nuclear EMP attack plans Icon_minitimeSun Nov 25, 2018 9:09 pm

In a sign that North Korea is not planning to give up all its nuclear arsenal, the communist government has revealed plans to use the weapons to launch EMP attacks that effectively dismantle technology and computers in the blast area.
A report on the new document distributed by the government shows the acronym for electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, clearly printed in July.
The Daily NK, which obtained the documents, suggested that a target would be South Korea. “EMP attacks lead to the destruction of electronic circuits in semiconductors, affecting the use of TVs, mobile phones and computers in the area. The widespread failure of South Korea’s mass communications system due to an EMP attack and its effect on national infrastructure and military command systems could lead to widespread chaos, experts warn, and they are calling on the government to take measures to prepare for such attacks,” it said.

But it also said that the propaganda report was meant to assure supporters in the countryside that it wasn’t giving up all nuclear weapons in any deal with the United States.
“Some experts say that the authorities added the section to propaganda materials handed out to farmers as a way to emphasize that the regime will not give up its nuclear weapons,” said the report.
U.S. officials have recently warned that North Korea’s offensive war plans include the use of EMP weapons and that the United States is a target.
The report and the U.S. experts said that North Korea would deliver the weapon either by satellite or on a ship fitted with a rocket launcher. The weapon would then be detonated 30 to 100 kilometers high which would give the electronic pulse a wide area that could dismantle technology and the electric grid on the East Coast.
A congressional report has warned that an EMP attack could last a year and lead to the deaths of 90 percent of those in its blast area as people struggle to live without electricity, running water, and medical facilities as well as chaos.
The Pentagon has recently begun working on the issue.
Other countries eyeing EMP weapons are Russia and Iran.
North Korea has a track record of interfering with electronics in South Korea, added the report. It said that the North has jammed GPS in South Korea several times.
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North Korea reveals nuclear EMP attack plans Moving_lightsNorth Korea reveals nuclear EMP attack plans Moving_lights
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North Korea reveals nuclear EMP attack plans

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