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 OZschwitz: Federal corruption agencies not up to the task

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PostSubject: OZschwitz: Federal corruption agencies not up to the task   Sun Nov 25, 2018 4:56 pm

On October 19, 2012, a long-serving Australian Border Force official called Mohamed Deeb took a break from annual leave to stop by his office in Sydney. It was 6.40pm and he was checking on an incoming consignment of clothes.

Deeb made seven checks of the Customs database that Friday evening. Twenty hours later, on Saturday evening, he was back at it, checking the clothes import 16 more times. On Monday, the veteran ABF official checked again.

Deeb kept monitoring the clothes consignment while on leave up until the import was searched by officials. It was then that officers discovered six kilograms of methamphetamine hidden amongst the clothing. Three hours after the drugs were discovered, Deeb was at it again, performing a final search of the database. It confirmed the consignment had been intercepted or, in the jargon of the criminal underworld, was “hot”.
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OZschwitz: Federal corruption agencies not up to the task

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