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 Law: The Essence: A Different Approach

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PostSubject: Law: The Essence: A Different Approach   Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:39 am

In this brief book the author shows, using actual knowledge from socio-psychology, biology and cognitive science, thus freed of any preconceived ideology, the very essence of Law, regardless of time, space and culture it exists. Social norms are the fundamentals for Law development. Their role is to adjust behaviour of group members in their mutual interactions so that behaviour becomes regular and predictable. Law is the leading ideology of the modern State with the purpose to become the dominant normative order in society. In its essence, Law has never been more than an idea whose application, if at all, in real life, primary depends of the potential of the State to “infect” its recipients with this idea, or at least the majority of its recipients. In simple terms, Law is little more than a form of psychology—it is a symbolic expression for the fact that the human mind responds in certain ways to various forms of social pressure. Law as an idea, is not self-executing. It needs interpretation and application by its recipients (humans). In this process the recipients who have the final authority to decide what Law is are in reality the law-makers.

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Law: The Essence: A Different Approach

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