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 How can anyone really believe, “Taxation is theft!”

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PostSubject: How can anyone really believe, “Taxation is theft!”   Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:50 pm

Nonlibertarians can be perplexed by some libertarian beliefs. A great example is: “Taxation is theft!”  Let me, as someone who came from the left and had to work through it myself, share with you the logic.
But, apologies beforehand: our perspective, while rational and consistent, can be a bit jarring.  So, take a deep breath, and hold onto your britches!

Have you ever noticed that:
– The difference between rape and sex is … consent.
– The difference between employment and slavery is …  consent.
– The difference between theft and trade is …  consent.

Taxation is without consent. It is without voluntary agreement. It is based on threats of violence.

You are charged for “services”
– which you never ordered,
– most of which you do not want,
– many of which are so abhorrent to you that you would actually pay to discontinue.

… if you had a choice,
… which you most decidedly do not.

All of these “services” are over-priced, inefficient, wasteful, destructive, counterproductive, and poorly implemented — yet they are forced on you with an FU attitude as though the service provider is doing you a great favor, bestowing upon you — out of the goodness of his heart, — his fantastic, “free” service.

The real beneficiaries are the buddies of the people who take your money:

   big juicy contracts to do little work;
   giant benefits packages and pensions worth more than you will ever make;
   violently enforced monopolies to keep out competitors;
   and, the power to force you to pay for their product or service.
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How can anyone really believe, “Taxation is theft!”

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