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 NZ's social laboratory for the world

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PostSubject: NZ's social laboratory for the world   Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:49 pm

Jacinda Ardern has a list of promises for improving the lives of lower-income people. This is pretty standard stuff for a fresh centre-left government. But one of her approaches for achieving it is not. The new Prime Minister is planning a world first that could once more make New Zealand a social laboratory for the world.

"We are establishing a living standard framework," she tells me. "We are looking beyond economic markers." Her government is not junking the traditional economic measures - debt and budget targets, for instance, will remain. But, Ardern says: "If we are increasing GDP and increasingly seeing environmental degradation and social suffering, it's hard to say we've succeeded", referring to gross domestic product, the conventional measure of the monetary value of an economy's output. "We have given Treasury to fiscal 2019 to have a framework ready" for measuring national progress on all three fronts - raising income, yes, but also improving environmental and social goods.
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NZ's social laboratory for the world

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