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 Why do women still buy the fairytale marriage bull?

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PostSubject: Why do women still buy the fairytale marriage bull?   Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:19 pm

As a commitment-phobe, I am often viewed as someone in denial; that deep down I desire a loving relationship regardless of my reticence. And to an extent, this is correct. Yes, I would like to share my life with someone special. But do I need this to feel complete? Er, hell no.

You see, I am truly content on my own. Honest. It took me a long time and much introspection to get this way after a traumatic break-up years ago. But today, I know a partner can only and should only add to my happiness; not be responsible for it. But damn I’m having trouble convincing other women that this is the case; that to be truly comfortable in your own company is perhaps one of the most important achievements in life.

I am constantly seeing women who are still buying the fairytale bull. They’re often the same ones who question the truth in my circumstances, who find it impossible to believe contentment can be achieved without commitment. These women are trapped in a Disney dystopia, where marriage is the ultimate goal, that a spoken “I do” and exchanged rings signal a sigh of relief that they will never have to be alone again. Someone will always have their back. Their futures are assured. The fact one in three marriages end in divorce is a reality for others. It couldn’t happen to them. But oh, it can and does.
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Why do women still buy the fairytale marriage bull?

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