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 Children arenít starting puberty younger, medieval skeletons reveal

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PostSubject: Children arenít starting puberty younger, medieval skeletons reveal    Wed Feb 21, 2018 8:04 pm

Children are entering puberty younger than before, according to recent studies, raising concerns that childhood obesity and hormone-contaminated water supplies may be to blame. However, our archaeological research suggests that thereís nothing to worry about. Children in medieval England entered puberty between ten and 12 years of age Ė the same as today.

Puberty is divided into five clinical stages, with pre-puberty at stage one and onset (or thelarche) at stage two. Menarche (a girls first period) occurs at stage three. The age at which a child enters puberty (stage one) varies. Today, puberty onset occurs between the ages of ten and 14 in girls and 12 to 16 in boys, with some ethnic groups starting around a year earlier. The end of puberty, or full maturation, is reached by 13-17 years for girls, and 15-18 years for boys.
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Children arenít starting puberty younger, medieval skeletons reveal

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