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 Review: Wilson Combat Glock G19

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PostSubject: Review: Wilson Combat Glock G19   Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:53 pm

In late 2017, Wilson Combat did something unexpected. The company known for its impeccably finished, high-dollar 1911 handguns (with a few Berettas thrown in for good measure) opened up a new avenue of customization for owners of popular Glock models. While the company isn’t selling complete, worked-over Glock pistols, Glock handgun aficionados can send in their OEM firearm and choose from a list of à la carte options to build a unique Wilson Combat Glock.

While many owners of Glock handguns might question the benefit of spending more than the cost of a pistol on upgrades and add-ons, there’s no doubt that the market for Glock modifications is a popular one, keeping companies like Lone Wolf Distributors, ZEV Technologies, Salient Arms International, Agency Arms and others in business. Wilson Combat certainly saw an opportunity to add more options to the mix, so we sent an OEM Glock pistol to receive the Wilson Combat treatment.
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Review: Wilson Combat Glock G19

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