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 Canadian sex worker survey reveals body of entrepreneurs

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PostSubject: Canadian sex worker survey reveals body of entrepreneurs    Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:31 pm

When thinking about small business, our thoughts often go to the local florist or our favourite plumber some sort of visible enterprise, perhaps run by a mum and dad with kids helping out during school holidays. Rarely do we think about a different type of business; one that's less visible and regarded by many as immoral. Sex work is one such enterprise; a business arguably as legitimate as any other.

A study published last month by Canadian researchers has illuminated this darkened world. The researchers interviewed more than 200 sex workers spanning a diverse spectrum of age, gender, sexuality, and even the nature of services offered (such as whether the work was solicited on the street or via indoor venues). The scholars discovered quite a few of their interview subjects perceived their work in genuinely entrepreneurial terms.
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Canadian sex worker survey reveals body of entrepreneurs

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