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 The unveiling of Christian Nationalism

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PostSubject: The unveiling of Christian Nationalism   Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:02 pm

As the Trump administration struggled to celebrate its first year amidst a government shutdown, Vice President Mike Pence had a particularly hard week with churches. Determined to soldier on under the mantle of Christian values, Pence did not blink. But his religious troubles are revelatory in the biblical sense. To read them closely is to witness the unveiling of Christian nationalism.

As a symbol of Trump’s commitment to evangelicals, Pence needed to start his week among black Christians on Martin Luther King Sunday. His staff chose Metropolitan Baptist Church outside the beltway in Maryland, but did not anticipate that its pastor, the Rev. Maurice Watson, would, like most black pastors in America, condemn the president’s vulgar denigration of people from African and Caribbean countries.
Christians of African descent are, of course, a minority in the United States. But by Saturday, Pence was in Africa on his Middle East mission, trying to mitigate the impact of the Trump administration’s unilateral decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem on the ground in one of the places his boss had infamously called a “shithole.” The Bishop of the Coptic Church in Egypt – the oldest Christian church in the world – excused himself from meeting with the vice president, citing Trump’s decision to move the embassy “at an unsuitable time and without consideration for the feelings of millions of people.”
Thus Pence, the darling of Trumpvangelicals, was called out in church on Sunday and barred from another church, half a world away, on Saturday.
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The unveiling of Christian Nationalism

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