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 What is a “Real” Libertarian? – The Lowdown on Liberty

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PostSubject: What is a “Real” Libertarian? – The Lowdown on Liberty   Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:23 am

We’ve all had that experience where someone around us repeats a word endlessly, until a point where it loses its meaning in our heads altogether. Oftentimes referred to as semantic satiation, insults can likewise lose meaning when repeated ad nauseam. And with libertarians, one saying stands above the rest. We’ve all heard it before, whether in disagreements with friends or echoed to strangers across social media: “You’re not a real libertarian!” Supposedly representing the gravest of insults and the worst label one can be associated with, thrown senselessly back and forth amongst libertarian circles.
But what is a real libertarian? While it may seem meaningless from its overuse today, I believe there are a few key components that ought to be recognized as what you might call necessary prerequisites to libertarianism.

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What is a “Real” Libertarian? – The Lowdown on Liberty

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