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 Clearing Up The Hoppe Foreword Controversy

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PostSubject: Clearing Up The Hoppe Foreword Controversy   Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:53 pm

I’d like to begin by expressing my reluctance to go through with bringing the details of this sensitive issue to light.  I absolutely love the Ludwig Von Mises Institute and never thought I’d find myself in a situation to where I would be revealing facts that may have a negative impact on its repute.  I also have a strong personal distaste for being involved in drama and controversy. Unfortunately, due to the ever growing spread of out of context rumors and outright libel (even by Mises staff), I am in a position now to where I can only defend my reputation and honor by bringing all the facts to light.

I will provide as many facts, screen shots, e-mails, texts, …etc. as possible.  I will also include some of my own interpretations and speculations to help make sense of the facts.  However, I will be very careful to distinguish between fact and interpretation/speculation.  Ultimately, you the reader will have to decide for yourself what to make of the situation.  I hope most of you will choose truth over comfort.

The origin of the foreword

I first contacted Hoppe on November 16, 2017 requesting that he write the foreword for my upcoming book White, Right, and Libertarian. In my request I explicitly provided the title of the book, as well as the entire manuscript. Hoppe graciously agreed to write the foreword the following day. Below is the entire text of my initial request e-mail:
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Clearing Up The Hoppe Foreword Controversy

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