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 Idiots: Fines for sexual discrimination of Barcelona Open models

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PostSubject: Idiots: Fines for sexual discrimination of Barcelona Open models   Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:23 pm

Organisers from the Barcelona Open tennis tournament have been accused of sexual discrimination, with fines handed down.

Following complaints from promotional models at the the event last May, Schweppes, the company that hired the models, and Tote Vignau, the model agency, are facing fines up to $287,000.

Models at the event were forced to wear short-sleeved shirts and mini skirts, despite the temperature dropping below 10 degrees Celsius at various times throughout the tournament.

As everyone else at the event rugged up to counter the harsh conditions, models were forced to remain standing court-side with no appropriate clothing, while occasionally holding umbrellas out for the players.
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Idiots: Fines for sexual discrimination of Barcelona Open models

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