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 We’re still better off with Trump than Clinton

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PostSubject: We’re still better off with Trump than Clinton   Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:51 am

...Indeed, as Trump’s accomplishments accumulate, the mere thought of Clinton in the White House, doubling down on Barack Obama’s failed policies, washes away any doubts that America made the right choice.

This was truly a change election — and the changes Trump is bringing are far-reaching and necessary.

The economic boom is the most obvious difference voters got by electing him. The tax law he campaigned on, fought for and signed promises to add new dimensions to the boom and should fuel growth and new opportunities for millions of people.

Generations of families will lead better lives as a result, while a Clinton presidency would have been an orgy of regulations aimed at strangling capitalism’s last animal spirits. How many thousands of points lower would the Dow be?

But the Trump effect is not limited to the economy. Think of the difference between Neil Gorsuch and a supreme court justice Clinton would have picked, now multiply that difference throughout the judicial food chain.

Think of Trump’s policy toward Israel. Would Clinton dare to right historic wrongs and declare Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish state?

Never. Like Obama, she would have given the Palestinians a heckler’s veto — and paid them millions more for their obstinance.

And what of North Korea? While Trump’s taunting of Rocket Man makes me uneasy, the big difference is that he refuses to accept a nuclear North Korea. Clinton, on the other hand, would have adopted the Obama policy of “containment,” which is a diplomatic fig leaf for appeasing a madman with nukes.

Take Iran. Clinton shared Obama’s fantasy that there are “moderates” among the mullahs eager to play nice, so she backed the nuclear deal that is helping to finance Iranian war and aggression in the mideast. Similarly, Clinton probably would repeat Obama’s 2009 mistake and remain silent during the current demonstrations against the regime, while Trump is making it clear America stands with the demonstrators.

If Clinton had been elected, we would not know that top FBI leaders conspired against Trump to help her. Her financing of the Russian dossier would still be a secret, and there would be no knowledge that the FBI used her dirtiest trick to spy on Trump associates. Russian collusion would have been accepted as fact without a shred of evidence.

Even with Trump in the White House and Republicans controlling Congress, getting the truth about the deep state’s political meddling is proving difficult. But with Clinton in the White House, there would be no search and the truth of what looks like an unprecedented scandal would remain hidden forever.

Likewise, Clinton as president would face no further scrutiny over the classified e-mail mess despite the rigged FBI probe that cleared her. And the revived examination of her pay-to-play arrangements as secretary of state would never have been considered.

There is another potential consequence of the election, too. With Bill and Hillary in the White House, would The New York Times have outed Harvey Weinstein as the sexual monster he seems to be?

I think not, for that would have embarrassed the Clintons because of their own sketchy past on the subject. In that case, the #MeToo movement would not exist and the predators, most of them media and Hollywood liberals, would still be in power.

These are just some of the many reasons why a Trump presidency, chaos and all, continues to be the course correction America needed. Here’s hoping, then, that the latest predictions of his demise, like all those that came before, turn out to be premature.

Liberal media is s’mitt’en

Mitt Romney, talking to Utah lawmakers about what he would do if he’s elected to the Senate, said he wants to copy John McCain. “There’s got to be somebody who can stand up to the president,” Romney said, according to “Who’s going to stand up to Trump?”

McCain and Romney both were defeated by President Barack Obama, so they also have that in common. And if Romney gets elected, he’ll replace McCain as the darling of the liberal media, which only likes Republicans who trash other Republicans.

Gore’s ‘polar’ opposite point

Speaking of losers, Al Gore says bitter cold is “exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis.”

At least that’s what he says now. But as writer Marc Morano points out on Climate Depot, Gore previously said the lack of snow in some years was evidence of man-made global warming.
Hey, whatever works.

Taxpayers have to ‘settle’ for Blas

The Post report on the cottage industry of financing lawsuits against the city is a perfect metaphor for Bill de Blasio’s New York. His eagerness to settle nearly every claim instead of defending the city always struck me as a redistribution scheme, where a come-and-get-it mentality coddled plaintiffs and punished taxpayers.

With more than $700 million doled out annually, the pain in the wallet will be felt for years.
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We’re still better off with Trump than Clinton

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