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 Excellent: NH Legislator Wants to Legitimize ‘Sovereign Citizens’

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PostSubject: Excellent: NH Legislator Wants to Legitimize ‘Sovereign Citizens’   Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:08 am

New Hampshire is an odd place and they have a history of electing crackpots here and there to public office. Republican state Rep. Richard Marple is one of them. He wants to pass a bill to legitimize all that “sovereign citizen” nonsense and even fine state employees who don’t allow them to get away with the scam.

Quote :
The sovereign citizen movement is a fringe conspiracy whose adherents claim to be immune from U.S. law. It’s completely bogus. But a New Hampshire lawmaker wants to fine state agencies $10,000 if they don’t play sovereign citizens’ game.

Republican state Rep. Richard Marple is scheduled to introduce a bill that treats sovereign citizens as a recognized legal class, and proposes a $10,000 fine for state agencies that don’t buy into sovereigns’ legal make believe. Marple champions sovereign citizen talking points, which typically draw a far-right fanbase, and has earned him the praise of white supremacist Christopher Cantwell.

Sovereign citizens claim to be emancipated from the U.S. government. And often their own beliefs—which run conspiratorial, libertarian, and ludicrous—are often at odds with other members of their loose-affiliated movement. Some sovereign citizens might believe local sheriffs to be the highest valid form of government. Others argue that all court proceedings are frauds, or that they don’t have to pay their taxes because IRS forms spell their names in capital letters, or that the government secretly owes every citizen $630,000.

Those who buy into that nonsense are cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Not only should they not be legitimized in this way, I think it’s time for judges to just start putting anyone who makes such arguments in jail for contempt of court and leaving them there rather than waste time hearing them make idiotic arguments and ignore the authority of the court.

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Excellent: NH Legislator Wants to Legitimize ‘Sovereign Citizens’

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