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 Unlearning truth? What was the OZschwitz University thinking?

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PostSubject: Unlearning truth? What was the OZschwitz University thinking?    Fri Nov 24, 2017 5:53 pm

"Non!" explodes Poirot, normally a model of well-fed Belgian restraint. "It's medieval! The rule of law, it must be held high. And if it falls, you pick it up and hold it even higher! For all society, all civilised people will have nothing to shelter them if it is destroyed!"

That's David Suchet's Poirot, from 2010. And he's right. Everywhere, suddenly, emotion outweighs reason. From the stony ground of politics to the quagmire of higher education and the sacred springs of our narrative realm, it's like we have to fight for the Enlightenment all over again.

It's not just Donald Trump and fake news. Consider the marriage debate, the University of Sydney's controversial "Unlearn Truth" campaign and Kenneth Branagh's egregious remake of Murder on the Orient Express, in which justice has become optional in the interests of contemporary "moral complexity". Everywhere, emotion wins.

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Unlearning truth? What was the OZschwitz University thinking?

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