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 Thoroughly zany: Assistant professor Pauline de Tholozany bitching over alt-right

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PostSubject: Thoroughly zany: Assistant professor Pauline de Tholozany bitching over alt-right   Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:24 am

Alt right’ recruiting on campus? Professors say Clemson University doesn't care

A Clemson University professor has called on the school’s administration to condemn racism and hate.
Pauline de Tholozany, an assistant professor of French, created a petition on that expresses frustration with the response from the university’s administration to a so-called ‘alt-right’ recruitment flier left on the door of the campus’ gym on Oct. 30.
The flier called on “white people” to join the movement, if they are tired “being blamed for everything,” “realizing that diversity means ‘less white’” and “tired of being called a racist for wanting an identity.”
The petition’s description – which is written on behalf of the “undersigned members of the Clemson community – is critical of the response issued by the university’s spokesman in which he “callously criticized both the leaflet and an antifa leaflet because they ‘were not posted in accordance with the university’s policy.’”
“That a leaflet recruiting for white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups was not posted in accordance with university policy is not, in our view, the real problem with the leaflet,” the petition states. “Rather, the problem is that it sought to recruit people to groups that are racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist, and ableist.”
“To fail to address the content of this leaflet is a profound moral lapse,” the post stated.
The Independent-Mail reported that it took Clemson University staff four days to respond to the flier. The petition laments the delay.
“The silence of the administration with regard to the content of this leaflet, like its silence with regard to the KKK leaflet distributed in the fall of 2016 and its tardy and tepid response to the KKK leaflet distributed in the spring of 2017, serves no other purpose than to give sanction to those who seek to promote and recruit hatred,” the post stated.
The petition directly addresses the university’s president and provost. As of Wednesday morning, the petition had 378 signatures.
Other professors have joined in the call publicly through social media.

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Thoroughly zany: Assistant professor Pauline de Tholozany bitching over alt-right

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