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 Anarcho-Capitalist NEWS: Why I Went To Prison - Larken Rose

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PostSubject: Anarcho-Capitalist NEWS: Why I Went To Prison - Larken Rose   Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:46 pm

I get the impression that, of the people who know my name—from my books, articles, talks and/or videos—the majority still aren’t aware that I spent a year in federal prison. And of those who are aware of that, most have only a vague general idea of how that came about. “You didn’t pay taxes, so they prosecuted you, right?” Maybe one out of thirty people who know my name actually remembers something about the actual issue. “Something about section 816 of the tax code… or maybe it was 861… or something like that, right?” But I am regularly reminded that the people who actually know what happened, with any degree of accuracy or in any detail, are probably less than one percent of the people who know my name.

Mind you, that’s not a complaint. Most people have no reason to know, because I hardly ever talk about it these days. As a result, what most people know about it (if they know anything), they got mainly from second- or third-hand rumors, from other people who don’t actually know what happened (often from my critics, who love to gleefully gloat about my imprisonment). “You got caught not paying taxes and they prosecuted you!” Nope, not that. “You were protesting the income tax, so they threw you in prison!” Nope, wrong again. “You were arguing that the income tax is unconstitutional, right?” Once again, dead wrong. “They got you for tax evasion, right?” No, they didn’t. “The feds proved you wrong, which is why you don’t talk about it anymore.” Not even close. “You thought you found some loophole in the tax code and…” Nope. Or the popular favorite among some state-worshipers: “You were running a fraudulent tax scam and got busted!” No, no and no.

The story of what actually happened is so involved that I don’t really expect most people to care enough to find out about it. But for those who do, I’ve decided to start giving away for free the e-book of “Kicking the Dragon (Confessions of a Tax Heretic),” the true story of my “adventures” with the federal extortion racket and court system. So many ridiculous, outrageous, and/or downright evil things happened over the course of about eight years that I can’t even remember them all myself, unless I look at the book to remind myself. So I obviously wouldn’t expect anyone else to remember it all. But it still causes a twinge of annoyance every time I see or hear someone—friend or foe—mischaracterizing what I went through, and what happened to me.

Be warned, the book is not a light read. A lot of people have said that somehow I did manage to make much of it amusing, which took some effort, since I wrote the thing in prison. Mostly by hand. In printed form, with appendices, it’s almost 500 pages long. Hand-written it was well over a thousand. And that was me being as brief as I could, without leaving out anything important. (I did omit quite a few less important facts and events, so people would still be able to lift the damn book.)
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Anarcho-Capitalist NEWS: Why I Went To Prison - Larken Rose

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