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 The day I met my OZschwitz parking inspector nemesis

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PostSubject: The day I met my OZschwitz parking inspector nemesis    Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:39 am

Confession: For a considerable time, I harboured strong resentment towards my local parking inspector. She has worked the beat of this coastal community for years, and booked me once when I was picking my kid up from her first day at school in Australia. I turned and immediately clapped eyes on a uniformed woman issuing a ticket in what was a parents' pick-up zone (in which we were allowed to venture no more than three metres from our cars).

I explained to her I was standing RIGHT THERE next to her, that I was just scooping up my little daughter. She assured me that while she had already issued the ticket, she would take a photo of the sign and explain the situation to her boss.
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The day I met my OZschwitz parking inspector nemesis

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