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 Red Dirt Liberty Report: Brutal Tax Tactics

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PostSubject: Red Dirt Liberty Report: Brutal Tax Tactics    Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:00 pm

It is safe to say that the vast majority of people have never been through a tax audit, neither from the IRS nor a state tax agency. Most people think in terms of how things affect them personally, and simply remain jaded and unaffected by horrible things that happen to other people. Until this particular thought process changes, taxing agencies will continue to prey on people who are least capable of defending themselves with limited resources.

Large businesses have the means to defend themselves and individual taxpayers represent a group of people with which everyone can identify, so the primary target is small businesses with assets that, somehow, people view as belonging to a faceless entity and not really belonging to an actual human being. So long as taxing agencies keep their brutal attacks low profile by focusing primarily on small business owners, the average person really doesnít care much, and these agencies will be able to continue horrific financial attacks on this select group of people. In a way, itís understandable. People tend to think in terms of other people like themselves. However, if libertarianism is to hold to what it claims is its core values of protecting the liberties of all people all the time, then small business owners canít be ignored.
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Red Dirt Liberty Report: Brutal Tax Tactics

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