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 Phobia-busting tips for frightened children

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PostSubject: Phobia-busting tips for frightened children   Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:12 pm

It is normal for many young children to have irrational fears like being frightened of bugs, spiders, snakes, the dark and "baddies" or monsters, which over time they gradually grow out of.

What do we do though when kids have huge irrational fears that border on being phobias about common things like dogs, masks, germs or even band-aids?

I recently received a message about three siblings who are so terrified of dogs they are unable to go to playgrounds or even down the street just in case they come across a dog.

To help these kids become braver and conquer their fears which are very real to them we first need to understand a bit about memories and the role they play in being overly frightened.

There are two types of memories implicit and explicit and these interweave and work together all the time.

Think of driving your car, something we do almost without thinking after we have had a lot of experience.
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Phobia-busting tips for frightened children

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